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Tuff Innovations Limited is a sister company of Tuffsteel® Limited that specialises in the provision of consulting services/building solutions to large and medium sized organizations. We specialise in:


Oasis Business Park Exterior

The provision of full on-site management services for customer projects allowing for minimal time wastage and full efficiency in assisting customers to meet their current project goals.



Through our team of architects, engineers, lawyers, project managers and other consultants we assist customers in realising their project aims and objectives. This allows the customer to have a more streamlined development agenda for any projects they may want to go into. With the wealth of knowledge available to us we can provide real-time investments proposals to allow clients to make informed decisions as to ‘where best to spend their money’.



Third party oversight of customer projects allowing us to provide real-time, on-site progress reports. This is mainly for ongoing projects where the customer feels that they would like a ‘second opinion’ as to the progress of their work and where systematic problems could be addressed in order to speed up work and assist in meeting customers goals.



Once through the realisation stage of your pre-development agenda we will then officially quote the client for delivering ALL services required in actually implementing their projects, i.e. identify the best suppliers of raw materials, carry out ALL construction works needed, fabricate ALL specific products designed for the project, manage ALL of the construction and constraints required to make the job complete and provide ALL certificates and documentation required to occupy the project post construction.

This particular concept of a ONE STOP SHOP cuts out ALL middlemen and allows customers to meet final objectives quicker and on budget. Through these main core activities we provide you with an ALL IN ONE solution to any Project or activity that you may  be undertaking.